20 Apr 2018

It has come to the attention of Landing International Development Limited (the “Company”, stock code: 00582.HK, together with its subsidiaries the “Group”) that 藍太數字應用科技有限公司 (“Lantai”), 星聯盟 (Xin Lian Meng) (“XLM”) and全球娛樂鏈/全球娛樂聯盟 (“IRTC”) have made in certain of their recent publications, announcements and other related media reports, and websites a number of false allegations concerning the Group, which cannot be allowed to pass unchallenged and uncontradicted. The Company refutes each and every one of these false and misleading statements and clarifies as follows:

  • The Group is not in any way related to or associated with Lantai, 藍太數字應用有限公司, 藍太國際, 藍太集團, XLM, IRTC or any of their affiliated companies (together, the “Lantai Entities” and each a “Lantai Entity”).
  • The Group has not co-operated, commenced any business relationship, nor entered into any agreements with any Lantai Entity.
  • The Group has not commenced nor engaged in any discussions with any Lantai Entity in relation to any potential co-operative or business opportunities.
  • The Group has not authorized any Lantai Entity to use the name, trade name, trademark, corporate logo or any other information of the Company or any of its subsidiaries in any of Lantai Entities’ presentations, statements or issued publications or at all.
  • Jeju Shinhwa World and Landing Casino are both developed and operated solely by the Group without any involvement whatsoever from the Lantai Entities.
  • In general, the Group has no involvement or interest in any affairs and matters of the Lantai Entities.
  • The Group will not be responsible for any direct or indirect loss caused by any publication, announcement or presentation made by the Lantai Entities, any action taken by the Lantai Entities, or any act or omission in reliance of the above or any related media reports. The Group hereby reminds the public to exercise caution when considering or entering into any related business transaction.


The Group is currently taking legal advice and shall take all such actions, including but not limited to legal action and reporting the matter to the relevant authorities, as may be necessary to protect and maintain the Group’s good name and reputation.


Yours Respectfully
Landing International Development Limited
20 April 2018